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Advanced TMJ Treatment

MGC Associates

MGC Associates, a collaboration between Dr. Dennis P. Clayton and Dr. James J. Graham, focus on restoring healthy function within the head and neck area first. Very often, they assist in coordinating a "total body" treatment plan which may include physical therapy, medications, chiropractic and other appropriate adjuncts.

Usually the initial phase of treatment includes a medical and/or dental exam, physical assessment, and computer assisted screening evaluation. This phase will end with the fabrication on an intraoral orthotic made out of acrylic if repositioning of the jaw and the related muscles will be beneficial. This orthotic is designed with data obtained utilizing a computer-assisted assessment program. The  purpose of the intraoral orthotic is to act as a retaining device which restores the three dimensional balance between the head, neck and facial structures.  

Dr. Dennis P. Clayton and Dr. James J. Graham have found that by restoring the natural balance of these structures, their patients can achieve the maximal muscular  physiology possible for them; and is often associated with a reduction of pain. Most of their patients will wear this orthotic for 22-24 hours a day for an average period of   14-16 weeks. It is during this retraining period that patients may be required to seek appropriate additional care such as physical therapy, medications and chiropractic care as needed.

Patients are seen at Dr. Dennis P. Clayton's Beaver, PA, office location. For directions to the office, please visit the Contact Us page.

About MCG Associates


MGC Associates, a collaboration between Dr. Dennis P. Clayton and Dr. James J. Graham, utilizes a neuromuscular approach in diagnosing and treating orofacial conditions involving the teeth, muscles, and joints. Following basic principles of anatomy and physiology, we view the head and neck area as a functional part of the body which, in health, works with all over levels of the body.

Both Dr. James Graham and Dr. Dennis P. Clayton are available to see patients of MGC Associates at the Beaver office location.