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If you have a dental emergency outside of business hours, please leave us a message at 724 728 0970 and someone will return your call as soon as possible. If you need immediate assistence, please contact your local medical center.

Our office is OSHA and HIPAA compliant

Screening Appointment

At this visit, Dr. Dennis P. Clayton and Dr. James J. Graham will evaluate the general status and health of the tissues. This visit includes a medical and/or dental history, physical assessment, and computer-assisted evaluation. Physical assessment includes soft tissue evaluation for trigger points and range of motion. Their computerized screening protocol includes evaluation of jaw range of motion and movement as well as TM joint assessment.

During an initial patient visit the following procedures are performed:
The patient is seated in an ergonomic position in a quiet  light-attenuated room. The patients head and neck are positioned in such a manner that the frankfort plane is parallel to the floor. Standard magnet placement on the mandible provides for computerized analysis of your movement, and when used with standard electrosonogrophy, relates any joint sounds to the spatial positions of the condyle during range of motion studies.

The data gathered about muscular coordination and frequency/amplitude of joint noise provides indications to what extent a neuromuscular approach may help.  The decision to recommend additional treatment is based on the results of this preliminary evaluation.